A Group of People Riding a Yacht while Having a Party

3 Best Boat Parties Destinations From Around The World

Escaping the everyday hassles of life is very important for your well-being, at least when it’s done every once in a while. That’s why often people go on slow-paced travel escapes like boat parties, cruises and more, since they allow for more lively environments, making you feel out of the whole hustle culture.

Statistics on the internet say that more than 50% of worldwide travellers prefer slower modes of transport, so what’s better than booking a few boat party tickets while you’re at it, and enjoying your time even when you’re travelling?

That being said, here are the 3 best boat parties around the world that should be on your list for 2023!

Magaluf, Spain

If you’ve watched Love Island, you’ll already know that Magaluf is all about that party life. Still, it’s still home to vacationers from around the globe, and the biggest reason for that is the serene boat parties. 

Book a sail on the Bay Of Palma where Magaluf’s Boat Party comes to life, with onboarded trampoline nets to jump straight into the endless ocean, or if you’re more a classy-party enjoyer, head on over to various champagne parties hosted by Magaluf’s top beach clubs!


If it’s one thing that Montenegro is famous for, it’s being a superyacht party host. Seriously, they don’t call it the ‘Monaco For Yacht Parties’ for nothing. 

In the late summer, Porto Montenegro, the largest marina in Montenegro, offers various accommodation services and parties that look over the Mediterranean Sea, and ever since its inauguration back in 2009, it’s been the go-to country for boat parties for thousands of tourists from around the world. 


As Drake elaborated in an entertaining podcast, all the good girls reside in Miami. Still, even if you’re not here for the girls, Miami is the perfect spot for boat parties if you’re looking to expand outside the Mediterranean Sea and the party hotspots in Europe.

The infamous Miami beach is host to a plethora of classy yet fun parties that attracts both locals and tourists from around the world. Plus, the laid-back vibes, and the high-ticket events, allow you to get the best of both worlds, whether you’re looking to sun-tan on a megayacht or dance your heart out. 

Take Home

We understand that you want out of that hustle culture for a little while, and hey, every hustler can use a break now and then, and going to a fun and lively boat party is one way of warding off that stress and pent-up tension you’ve been building inside for a while.

We’ve pinpointed three different locations in the above guide that lay host to a wide range of boat parties, enough for every party critic to fully enjoy. Though, the list of best boat party locations is a never-ending one, so make sure to do your research, and find ones that best suit your travelling habits!